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Welcome to Midlife Mojo Makeover

The name might be cute but the intention and results are deadly serious. Far too many fabulous midlife women are being negatively impacted by menopause, midlife demands and lack of confidence just as they come into their true power and this often sees them stepping down from important roles or not trusting themselves to create that next step that will have the impact they dream of.

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You’re done with feeling like this is all there is for you.

That you are too old and it’s too late to go after your dreams.

Deep inside you’ve always known that you have SO much to offer and so much impact to create but your mojo has flatlined and you can’t see a clear path back to the YOU that you recognise.

The woman with the sparkle in her eyes and the fire in her belly.

The woman who has plans, big plans but midlife and all that goes with it has hit her like a sledgehammer.

You, my Darling, are in the right place because I specialise in coaching amazing women like you back to feeling fully alive so that you can show the world what you are really here for!

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I’m Mary and I spent most of my 40's half living in a

kind of limbo waiting for my Cerebral AVM to be fixed (it is now) and feeling depressed by convincing myself that I couldn’t create the life I wanted. I ate too much and drank too much and I’d basically had written myself off.

Discovering through coaching that my brain had been lying to me for decades made me want to share this with other midlife women so that you don’t have to waste all the time I did believing BS like you are too old and it’s too late. It’s NOT!

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